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Waze is the craze attracting a lot of attention from not only individual customers, but huge companies like Google as well. It is an app on your mobile device to make driving a little more pleasurable and a lot less hectic for anything from the common commute to work, to a quick trip to the grocery store, or a family excursion to someplace new. By simply opening this hands-free app while driving, you’re instantly connected to the community, being constantly updated on whether there is a new route you can proceed to take to avoid traffic or accidents.

Waze can inform you when you are approaching the police or an accident, and take into account the types of routes you enjoy choosing for your daily commute while catering to your preferences. You’re never alone on the road when you use Waze; it allows you to connect with Facebook/ Google+ for a live status of your friends traveling, grants the ability to arrange pick-ups, and even alerts you when your friends meet up/ arrive at a certain event or destination.

The bigger you make your community, the more you can spread the word about real-time traffic and road alerts to save one another gas money, and time.The most concrete example here would be national brand developing a strategy to promote their local stores. Through Waze people will only be notified of those shops closest to them or on the way of their daily commute.

While this is nothing new in the world of local advertising (e.g. Facebook allows you to target an audience in specific zones of around a 1 miles radius, or provides local awareness ads that show ads when people are nearby your store) the extra benefit of Waze lies in its interface.

To learn more about that interface and how Waze ads could benefit your company in 2018, read the rest of our short eBook right here. We promise you’ll learn something new and have your hands on an option that can deliver new customers.