free-consultationLet us put together a Display Solution that works for you.

There are tons of options and ways to target your customer.   Let’s find a solution that works!



Ads served to people who have visited your site.  Ads can be served based on the page the consumer visited.  Ads can be both display and video.

We would place a universal pixel and conversion pixel to track conversions based on click data.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavior targeting segments are identified by history of searches and online content consumption.  We would use the following:

  • In market retail upscale fashion.
  • Females 25+ HHI $100k+
  • Frequent fashion buyers.

Client’s ads are served to the any of the above behaviors as users visit any site within the network.


Contextual Targeting


Contextual Targeting is a type of content targeting.  Ads are served alongside keywords or phrases as they are being viewed by internet users.

The advertiser will choose a list of keywords. Ads will be served on pages that include the keywords provided.

Job Title Targeting


We work with LinkedIn to provide detailed data regarding job titles, university attended, certifications etc…and serve ads to the on LinkedIn.

We can reach CEO’s, Architects, Plumbers, Insurance, etc

We can design your ad copy leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Category Targeting

Category Targeting is a custom set of sites that your ideal customer would visit on a regular basis.

Example : We could use a list of country focused sites such as CMT, Country Living etc…

Tempature Targeting

Ads served to people based on the temperature, precipitation etc.

Great for basement, HVAC, Roofing, Food, Vacation destination companies as examples

We can do multi level targeting to specific geo zones.

Premium News Targeting

Premium News sources tend to get larger audience share and that audience is typically engaged in content for a longer time getting better exposure to ad copy.

These consumers typically have HHI, HHV are college educated and decision makers.

We have access to local affiliate stations in market as well.

IP B2B Targeting

We use a combination of products to get you in front of your business target. We use LinkedIn data to identify IP’s based on their Job Title then serve ads to those IP’s. Also, as example, we can go after all Law Offices in a particular geo zone and serve ads to them based on IP data.

Serve ads to customers in competitor’s locations

We can target the IP addresses of Panera and Chipotle restaurants

We will target those IP addresses and serve conquesting ads to the customers in those restaurants

We can isolate or optimize delivery to PCs, tablets and mobile devices