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IP Targeting

Want a new way to target and engage your customers?

Reach your exact target and take your online advertising to a whole new level with IP Targeting.  We will work to get you to deliver your digital message to the addresses you want!

How does IP targeting work?

You provide us with a list of addresses. For example, the list could be past subscribers, a list you purchased or any list you maintain. In every case, the list should be who you want to reach or prospect as potential customers. Next, we take your list, and match the physical address of a person on the list to their IP or computer address. Now when one of those prospective customers goes online, we deliver a targeted ad right to the site they are viewing.

Key benefits for advertisers

  • No cookies! IP addresses are stored on a server, so cookie deletion does not affect program.
  • IP is the web entry point, so you can target both homes and businesses
  • Reach your online target 100% of the time—no waste
  • We match back the targets to your CRM, lead list, mailing list, etc. to show your Advertising ROI!

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