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Smart1 Ads creates dynamically effective digital ads simply and affordably for small businesses on a budget.

To close the marketing gap for small businesses in today’s digitally driven economy, Smart1 Marketing today unveiled a groundbreaking digital advertising platform that will change the way small businesses recruit new customers. The announcement came at Borrell Associates Local Online Advertising Conference (LOAC) in New York City.

The Smart 1 Ads platform is an easy to use solution for small businesses that lack the budget to hire a marketing team or buy the right tools to create effective digital marketing collateral from scratch. Smart1 Ads is so simple to use, it gives even the least tech-savvy business owner the ability to create eye-catching digital ads that get results with just a few clicks.

Smart1 Ads are incredibly unique for two main reasons. First, years of data has been mined, analyzed and formulated to create ads that do more than look good. They are effective at reaching target audiences because they’ve been built using more than 10 years of market research.

Second, Smart1 Ads leverage unmatched digital content and accuracy through the power of Partnerships with Social Technology giants, Waze (location ads), Uberall (online directory listing management), Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Slid.ly (video content).

We’ve taken the guesswork and labor out of the equation and given small businesses a dynamic and affordable digital marketing solution that helps find and attract new customers” -Todd Swickard, Smart1 CEO

The process is easy to use and requires no minimum monthly spends or contracts. Users simply log on to Smart1ads.com, sign up and start creating dynamic static and video ads in seconds.

Smart1Ads offers a variety of styles and types of ads to fit any business. It also gives small businesses owners the ability to quickly post, manage and analyze the effectiveness of the ads on a variety of social and technology platforms. Smart1 Ads’ proprietary platform makes it easy to quickly customize video, static and location ads to a business and will help determine where to place ads to find new customers.

“This is exactly the type of solution Ohio Mulch and other local service business can use to reach new customers without expending the entire marketing budget on one campaign,” said Jim Webber, Ohio Mulch.

“Working with Smart 1 gives us access to these tools and resources first. It’s truly one of the smartest things we do to grow our business.”

To learn more about Smart 1’s suite of marketing tools for small businesses visit www.smart1ads.com.