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Smart1 and Slidely Partnership

“Through our partnership with Slidely, we’re providing wide-stretching access and leveling the playing field for digital promotion,” Smart 1 Marketing CEO Todd Swickard said in a statement. “Video ads get the best results, by far, and a larger return on investment, but securing good video content for ad campaigns has traditionally given an unfair advantage to bigger companies because of the high cost until now. Smart1 is one of just a handful of digital marketing providers that will have unrestricted access to millions of videos, music and photos through Slidely to create professional, high-quality, attention grabbing campaigns that draw eyes and dollars to small businesses at a price they can afford.”

In the past few years, video has grown significantly online, quickly surpassing other formats in digital marketing when it comes to consumer engagement. Today, more than 85 percent of U.S. visitors watche online videos and more than half of the video content is viewed on mobile devices, the Ohio-based digital marketing and advertising strategies firm and Slidely, maker of video creation solution PROMO, say.

Small businesses and marketers who use video and adapt it for optimal playback on mobile grow revenue nearly 50 percent faster than non-video users, noted Slidely whose PROMO tool helps businesses create video ads it says can compete with the big brands. By 2019, the visual content platform with headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel says internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic.

“Through strategic partners like Smart1, we can ensure more businesses are leveraging our resources backed by a targeted strategy and digital marketing plan that helps drive their business,” said Slidely Founder and CEO Tom More.

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