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Google Ads are an important function of your company’s presence online- you know that. But there are several facets of the program that you need to understand, including changes that are being made to the platform.

You may have noticed or heard about some specific changes in their remarketing ads in the last few months. We believe they’re trying to improve their user’s experience online.

The updated format of dynamic remarketing ads creates a more personalized experience. They have a clean look, and are optimized through Google’s algorithm to serve up what their consumers want to see and what works best on the device they are using- PC, tablet, or smartphone.

From our perspective, the updates are an improvement for both consumers and your business.

Dynamic remarketing ads take remarketing to the next level by showing a previous visitor certain products or services they viewed. For example, if someone has been shopping on a website for a particular shoe that your company carries, Smart 1 can send them ads that have that shoe and similar shoes in their ads. It helps you as a business get in front of targeted (and interested) potential customers.

But you have to have a feed to do this right and for the ads to work. Google populates products into the ads through your feed, so hving an optimized and accurate product feed is vital to a successful campaign. You want the most up-to-date product information being fed into the ads. And for best results, you want to have a comprehensive feed so none of your products are left off.

Ultimately, dynamic remarketing ads are easier to manage through this feed. The updated format is fairly user-friendly. But making sure everything is set up properly on the back end and working smoothly does take some expertise.

If you’re interested in using these campaigns more, start small with some of your most popular products are services. See how the ads do. Test them and track the impact on your business. You can try different offers with different products and see what really gets consumers to convert.

And when you need expert help, reach out to us. Smart 1 can deliver whatever your business needs to create a truly dynamic campaign!

(Thanks to Karissa Hobbs for the shoe example and contributing to this article.)