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There is more to sales than closing the deal and we’ve seen that in the work we do. We thought we’d take some time to share our perspective in hopes that it could help you in the work you’re doing within your industry. Amber Ricart, one of our Marketing Strategy Specialists, shared some of her best practices with us.

Q: How do you start a great relationship with a client?
A: I’m big on acknowledging that I see my client more as a friend, rather than a paycheck. Your call or text doesn’t always have to be work-related. It could be as simple as sending them a funny dog video if you know they love dogs-or asking them how their children are doing. I always end up finding a connection with them in one way or another. No matter their industry, it’s a small world and you find you have more in common that you might originally think.

But also understand, not every client might be as open to having this kind of relationship in the beginning. It’s a case-by-case situation and sometimes it’s a relationship you grow into overtime. The more you’re in front of a client, the more you get a chance to know them on a personal level.

Q: You say being open and honest is one of the most important things in a client relationship. What are some of your best examples?
A: It can sometimes be uncomfortable to tell a client that their idea or their website is terrible-that’s like calling a baby fat! But I’ve found they appreciate the honestly more than anything. There have been several times where I’ve found myself sitting across the table with a potential client that’s ready to enhance their digital presence and I’ve had to explain to them that their website isn’t ready for that next level quite yet. This is always a tough conversation because more times than not, they’re super proud of their website. They think it has a fresh new look, but the don’t truly understand the consumer experience while navigating the site is not up to par.

Q: How available do you make yourself to clients and does it make a difference? And how do you balance your professional and personal life in that regard?
A: When your clients are business owners, their minds just don’t turn off at 5 p.m. They are always thinking of ideas and new ways to better their business, so knowing that I am available to talk or email after 5 p.m. shows them I care about their business. It definitely has to do with my personality. I’m engaged with their product or service, I love being part of my company, and I love my job! Being available all the time doesn’t bother me, because with that love for my work- I see great results with my clients.

Thanks Amber!

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